Shop C.

Shop C.

Interior design — Cacobielle, 2017

Clothing store for children, 87 sqm

In this store with an open plan and with windows on three of the four sides, the challenge was to create a dialogue between the display space of the shop windows and the interiors of the store.

The modular exhibitors design and organize the space according to the needs of the set-up. They have been designed both as display elements for the showcase and as storage elements for the interior of the store.

For the design of the exhibitor furniture, an iconic shape was chosen which can be traced back to the game, the little house. The chosen palette favors neutral colors to maintain a uniform base to not interfere with the objects on sale, while the contrasting green, brick and anthracite tones stand out.




87 sqm

Concept design, final and technical design, supervision


Marco Mattia Marcon

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