The journey of water

The journey of water — Valcucine, 2014

A project by Demode engineering by Valcucine curated by dotdotdot

Developed with Laurence Humier and Emanuele Magini during Valcucine’s workshop Kitchen becomes OPEN!, The journey of the water is a system that allows recycling the water used for cooking and washing to be used for other various domestic purposes (gardening, cleaning and toilet flushing).

Makers are going to reshape the kitchen and redesign it from scratch. That’s the idea that fueled Kitchen becomes OPEN!, a hands-on workshop held in Milan on April 6-11, 2014. The starting point was Meccanica kitchen model, a Demode engineered by Valcucine brand. The aim: design and reshape something new.

As the event curator dotdotdot put it:

“During the days of the Salone, Valcucine showroom in Corso Garibaldi 99 is transformed into a laboratory of digital fabrication. A brain-storming marathon and incubator of ideas for the creation of new projects and solutions that develop or modify the concept of the kitchen, The kitchen becomes OPEN! is created with the aim to meet in a collaborative and participatory design on the theme of the kitchen.”

The executable files of the project are released in the open source mode, under the Creative Commons CC by-nc-sa license

Courtesy of Valcucine & dotdotdot

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